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Ridgebacks are large muscular dogs that were bred to bay large carnivores and take down small game.  In your home the children can be mistaken for the small game as the Ridgebacks turn it into a game of "run and grab" or "monkey in the middle".  They mean no harm to your children but have to be taught the limitations and rules. Conversely your children need to learn the limits and rules of living with a large dog.


It is best to seek the assistance of a trained professional to work with you and your dog.  This can be through a private trainer or your attendance at a group trainer class.  Don't wait until you have "issues" - it is easier to train before bad habits are developed.  You are making a commitment to bring this dog in as a family member and the steps you make in the first year of the dog's life will set the behavior for years to come.


Please see the article linked below.  The author is a well respected breeder of Rhodesian Ridgebaks in New York.  

Article by respected Ridgeback Breeder Denise Flaim

Ridgeback Kisses
Keith and Puppies
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