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These are the dogs living with Denise & Jim in Fairburn, GA.

Bianca - RokiShoals Cause an Uproar

Even though Bianca is 13 and a half  years old she'll perpetually be called Baby B.  She's sweet, goofy, clumsy, beautiful, snuggly and has absolutely no respect for anyone's personal space.  She's the dog everyone wants to sneak into their purse or suitcase and take home.  She's an absolute terror in the kitchen - helping with every dish that goes in the dishwasher. But her biggest role is helping me raise puppies (from all mothers) from weaning until they go home.


Pippa - GCh RokiShoals It Girl CGC

Pippa was born here in May 2016 and is a keeper.  She's turned into a beautiful sweet athletic girl. She was definitely a Labrador in another life - she absolutely LOVES water and mud.  That keeps her a little dirty and wet.  Pippa breezed through her championship and earned her Grand in record time.  We've picked up a few Best of Breeds along the way.  She's relaxing at home keeping the fence lizards under control. 


Tardy - RokiShoals Better Late Than Never CGC

Tardy is the daughter of Pipi and is definitely a great addition to the house.  She's silly, sweet but also a watch dog.  She'll never allow a fence lizard, squirrel, chipmunk, or any other creature in her house.  Full of energy and attitude she hits 6pm and crashes for cuddles on the sofa.  She begins her show career in late 2023.


Morgan - RokiShoals Full Circle

Morgan is our new baby from Pippa and GCh RokiShoals Light Brigade "Tenn".  She was born just before Thanksgiving 2023 and we're thankful she arrived here.  Very very sweet and such a cuddle bunny lap dog.  Morgan is the first liver we've kept here in over 20 years.  So excited about this baby!!!!

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