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A Dermoid Sinus is a neural tube defect found in Rhodesian Ridgebacks and some other breeds of dogs.  The sinus is created from an incorrect separation of the spine from the skin in the embryonic stage of the puppy.  If not attended to, this thread to spaghetti sized tube (that can contain hair, sweat glands, etc.) can become infected causing pain, fever, rigidity and can even be life threatening.  It must be removed for the dog to lead a healthy normal life.


The exact method of inheritance is hotly disputed but the reality is that as a Rhodesian Ridgeback breeder I must understand this birth defect and be able to palpate and find it on young puppies.   The sinus is not on

The Puppy Ridge

all puppies and not in every litter but when a puppy is found to suffer from this birth defect it must be surgically corrected by an experienced veterinarian.  We are using a 100% successful veterinarian Dr. Mandy Cox with Southern Hearts Veterinary Hospital in Watkinsville, Georgia. I have the utmost respect and confidence in Dr. Cox.

Because we have included only dogs in our breeding program that have been palpated free of sinuses, we only occasionally have Dermoid Sinuses.  When we do, the puppy will have sinus removal surgery at a very young age (hopefully before 4 weeks) .  The puppy comes home from day-surgery with a band aide covering the incision.  The pup is immediately returned to Mom and the rest of the litter to grow up as a normal puppy.   To date we have not  had recurring problems from a sinus corrected puppy.

These puppies are placed in pet homes at a discounted price with full disclosure to prospective owners and a guarantee that there will be no future problems associated with the Dermoid Sinus or its removal.  Please feel free to ask questions or express any concerns you may about this subject.  We’re here to make you understand the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

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