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The Puppy Ridge

Doodle is fun to say, it feels good on the tongue. Mr. Doodle Pants, Doodlicious, Doodle Head, Doodle, Doodle Pup, Where’s My Doodle, whatever, it’s fun.  I am a pure-bred dog breeder and I play in the big world of competition, pedigrees, health issues, consistent temperaments and the like. I breed beautiful dogs with repeatable dependable temperaments.  My dogs have had Doodle puppy friends, and some of my good friends are Doodle owners or have taken the leap and become Doodle Aficionados, where their knowledge and enthusiasm on all things Doodle trumps everything else.

By now I think we all know the story of the dude in Australia wanting to create a hypoallergenic Service Dog, and he mucked around for a bit, came up with the Labradoodle and Goldendoodle, and his experiment was a failure for many reasons, and now after all these years he has regrets about ever doing this.

Since the experiment in Australia we now see ‘Poodling’ of pretty much everything. Bernerdoodles, Borderdoodles, Cairndoodles, Dobedoodles, Cockadoodle, Cavadoodle, Mini Poodle Goldendoodle, Aussiedoodles, Mini Aussie Goldendoodle, Jackerdoodles, Teddy Bear Doodles, Double Doodles, Mini Doodle Double Doodle, seriously it’s ridiculously fun to say.  But it moved from the Doodle to the myriad of Designer Dogs.

There is a hard line and sometimes a canyon size divide between those breeding and owning Designer Dogs and those working in the traditional pure-breed dog world. The friction is palpable at times.

So why the hard line from professionals, why the divide? I am pretty sure dog professionals don’t dislike the dog standing in front of them, or the person who just paid for one. I don’t believe that is the problem.  The real friction seems to be between Dog Professionals and Designer Dog Breeders.

And here’s why – The marketing strategy surrounding the Doodle world is incredible. There was a genius behind this movement at some point who influenced an entire generation of humans to believe that mixed breed dogs with fun names were worth more than a top line dog bred with care.  For example if you were to propose in a crowded room that you had a litter of mixed breed puppies, were selling them for $2000, there was no health guarantee, and you couldn’t guarantee the temperament either, but their name would be fun to say, well I would bet you wouldn’t get any takers.

There is an enormous price tag because the market is supporting it and because of kick ass marketing. Doodles are in demand. We have seen $900-$4000 for a Doodle.  Doodle Kennels are pumping them out in huge numbers per year. One kennel in our area boasts 10-15 litters per year, 9-11 pups per litter, $2500-$4000 per puppy, no returns, no guarantees - you do the math. It is a lucrative business for Doodle breeders.


Fact.  Designer Dogs are mixed breed dogs.


Fact.  You cannot guarantee temperament on a mixed breed dog.


Fact.  You cannot guarantee health with a mixed breed dog.


Fact. If you do the research on the genetics of the Poodle and whatever the breeder is Poodling it with, that will give you a heads up of what the your mix really is - health and temperament considerations and all.


Fact. You cannot guarantee no shedding if one parent is a shedder - Mother Nature is cool that way.  If you get a non-shedding dog it is not synonymous with hypoallergenic if you take them out into the world, attend puppy play dates, or have a yard and garden. Their fur picks up everything along the way; grass, dirt, puppy saliva, other puppy hair, bunny dander, poop, dust, human epithelial, etc. If you are truly allergic to dogs, as in life limiting, cannot breathe, epi-pen needed, please do not get a dog.


Fact.  Non-shedding means heavy grooming. Every 6-8 weeks a trim, shave, cut, of some sort, and then daily brushing so the hair does not mat and pull at the skin causing sores – this is the coat care commitment.  Groomers dread seeing a neglected Doodle on their table.

Fact.  A Goldendoodle and a Labradoodle are in fact two types of hunting dog in one dog, and this is most of the time a lot of dog for a person looking for a nice dog with a fun name.  Most households are not prepared for the level of energy that a Doodle puppy offers.


Fact.  Most "Designer Breeders" do not take puppies back if they don’t work out.

Fact.  Some Designer breeders spay and neuter at 8 weeks of age so you cannot breed their line of dogs on your own.

New Doodle owners are often given information from their breeder and are led to believe in some sort of genetic superiority in the specific way they cross bred their Doodle to create Doodle on Doodle for multiple generations, or have a out cross of an Australian Doodle, second generations Doodle to Doodle, bred to a Mini Poodle Golden Doodle that was Doodle to Doodle bred for three generations. 

It's Marketing……..Marketing………..Marketing.  Does it really matter that people want Designer Dogs and want to tell the world they have one, and that they love their Doodle, Cheweenie, Pugle, Snoodle, etc.? Absolutely not, may all dog owners be so happy, and all dogs be so loved.


But we should also start calling a spade a spade and a Doodle is a mixed breed over priced dog. I think if that were the case, there would not be as much friction and push back from people in the professional dog world. And Doodle breeders would have to get rreal - really quick.

Talk with any rescue that has a litter of mixed breed puppies who were loved and taken care of at a foster home and are asking a nominal $100 for adoption and will 100% take that puppy back if it isn’t the right fit. They probably grind their teeth daily at the thought of people paying thousands of dollars for a mixed breed puppy because of marketing, yet their awesome little fur nuggets are being ignored. 


Do yourself a favor and don’t spend $$$ on a mix breed dog!  Purchase a purebred dog from a reputable breeder who has a reputation to protect.

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